Log in Design for Regina Airport Authority

By Chanok - 5:43 PM

Regina Airport Authority is a non-profit corporation which operates Regina International Airport under a 60-year lease from Transport Canada. Their mission is to manage and operate their airport in a safe, secure, efficient, commercially viable and environmentally responsible manner.

Screen shot of existing log in page.

First Design

I’d like to have the login page looks similar to their current website. So I took one image and incorporated it to my new design. In order to turn it to the nice background image, I made it blur with Photoshop Gaussian Blur. And I decided to center all elements. Then added color to username, password, and login boxes with their logo color scheme. The rest of the content, I wrapped with slightly transparent white background.

Screen shot of first design.

Second design

The second design, I used the image from current login page. But half of this image had very bright light. It could draw users’ eyes to it so I decided to cover with login form. It turned out great since the bright part helped to draw attention to the form. Besides that, I relocated “REGINA AIRPORT AUTHORITY’S SMS PROGRAM” to the left side which pointed to the form. The rest of the content left on white background made it easy to read.

Screen shot of second design.

Both designs are looking good now. We will have our client make decision which one should be their new login page.

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