How do I design a logo?

By Chanok - 11:21 AM

Logo design is not just creating an identity or brand, but it needs to be scalable, memorable, versatile, and appropriate.

Some rules that I always stick with when designing a logo.

1. Simple

    A simple logo makes it easier to recognize and remember than the complex one. The other reason is the more shapes being used the harder to keep them clear in small size.

2. Memorable

    Your logo should be unique and stand out from the others in your field. I usually try to avoid the overly used symbol. For example, how many logos incorporate with Alaska flag that represent business logo in Alaska? Because you do business in Alaska, it doesn’t need to have Alaska flag in your logo. “A logo doesn’t need to say what a company does” David Airey, he writes on the popular logo design site Logo Design Love.

3. Versatile

    A good logo should look good in black and white as well as color. It should stay effective when print on different kind of mediums.

4. Appropriate

    Your logo must be relevant to your target audience. A logo is designed for a lawyer should look and feel professional and conservative, which is opposite feeling with a child day care logo.

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About NWDS - founded in 2003 by six software engineers, NorthWest Data Solutions (NWDS) provides custom computer programming and systems design services. NWDS creates many types of software, including e-commerce, financial, defense, engineering, logistics, aviation and more.

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