9 Ways Your Website is Driving Customers Away

By Chanok - 11:21 AM

You want your website engage new customers, but these mistakes could drive them away.

1. Registration form

There are some websites like Real Estate Listings; register users only will be able to see their properties. Asking users to register right away can just drive them to your competitors.

2. Auto playing music or video

This is unexpected. Music on websites is not a good idea. If you need music on your site have a link to turn it ON/OFF as an option. The same applies to video. Disable auto play on your videos, have users control what they want.

3. Looks old and outdated

Take a look at your website. Does it look old and outdate compared to your competitors? Does it look good on all devices? If not, maybe it’s time for a website redesign.

4. Stale information

If your website offers a free tool kit but already expired last year. That’s not a good sign for your potentials and repeat customers, they probably won’t come back.

5. It’s hard to find information

Make it easy to find what you do and what you offer. Ensure users can contact you if they need more information or problems. It’s a good idea to have phone number and email address in the footer on all pages.

6. It’s hard to navigate

Make sure you main products or services are easy to find in 5-10 seconds after your users arrive. Users are not going to click through several pages to get to the information they want. If your navigation is confusing, users will leave your website. And that will affect your bouncing rate higher also.

7. Content problems

  • Large blocks of text that are difficult to read. You can portion into small chunks and surround it with white space.
  • If you’d like your users to read easily on your web pages, avoid black background with light color text or text is too small.

8. Slow loading web pages

KISSmetrics shows 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. If your web pages take more than a couple of seconds to load, most likely users will go to your competitors’ website.

9. Annoying ads

The ads that follow users around make it impossible to read the content. It leaves only one option for users is get out of the website. The study in Journal of Marketing Research reveals
The practice of running annoying ads can cost more money than it earns, as people are more likely to abandon sites on which they are present. In addition, in the presence of annoying ads, people were less accurate in remembering what they had read.

The key to have an engaging website is to provide users with an excellent experience. If you think your website may have one or more of these mistakes that drive users away. It may be time to update your site to be better.

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