How to Create a Facebook Cover Photo

By Chanok - 4:17 PM

Facebook cover photo is like our account representative. We would like to have nice and aesthetic in order to draw attention from audiences. These are some processes to help you to create the nice one.

1. Select image

Your photograph needs to have high resolution so you can work on it with Photoshop or your favorite software photo editor. I usually use Photoshop to adjust brightness and contrast before uploading, also when I play around with saturation can get more interesting look.

2. Dimensions

Cover photos are 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall. If you upload a smaller size image it will be stretch to fit these sizes. For the best result is having your image with the exact same size of Facebook’s dimensions.

It’s a little bit tricky sometimes when the image sizes don’t fit. I always resize the width first to be the exact number I need. Then I crop the image by using the width number I already got and the height I need. So I’ll get the width and height with those numbers.

For the profile picture sizes are 180x180 pixels. If you want to have a white space around the image, you can design it to be smaller but sit on white background that have the profile size need. 

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3. The design

Please keep in mind when you design the cover photo. On the bottom left corner will be hidden by profile image. So it’s better to avoid to put something important or text on that area.

To add or change your cover photo:
  • Log in to your Facebook page
  • Go to your timeline
  • Click Add a Cover if you haven't have a cover photo yet, or hover over your current cover photo and click Change Cover
  • Choose a new photo from your computer
  • Click Save

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