5 Things We Need to Know Before Designing Your Website

By Chanok - 4:16 PM

The early process before starting to build your website is gathering requirements. The more we know about your requirements the best we can build website to suit your needs. These are some basic information we expect to get from you.

1. What is the purpose of your website?

The first question we would ask you is the purpose of your website. It is crucial since it will determine how we will develop it. If your website is for selling products online, you will need ecommerce website that needs a shopping cart. 

2. Target audience

Target audience is to decide how your website will look and feel. If your targets are children, we will design to have different appearance than website for adults. Different colors have a significant effect to visitors. Web designer can choose the colors according to your target audiences’ flavor.

3. Your logo

The logo of the website is the element that has to be created first. If you already have your logo, you should submit it to your web designer before web design process starts. The logo is another key element of colors and the whole design will be created around it.

4. Your content

Content is the important part of your website. Your visitors will come back again if they get what they look for. It is all about what you are providing and what you should say to your visitors. We cannot write your content but we can help guide you to write the effective one.

5. Your keywords

The web developer will need keywords while programing your website. Your keywords should be defined as you want your website to appear in search engines.

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