How to Create Geometric Graphics in Adobe Illustrator

By Chanok - 2:39 PM

I’ve seen many images made out of geometric shapes and really like this idea. So I decided to create one for SMS Pro to use on Google+ and Facebook.

1. Import photo with File-->Place (choose photo) then lock this layer.

2. Create new layer.

3. Zoom into the spot to start working.

4. Choose the Pen tool and make the fill transparent (none), the stroke has weight of 1 pixel with any color.

5. Start creating the shape with pen tool. These shapes should surround an area of the photo that has same color. Make sure that each geometric shape has its own outline so you can fill in color later.

6. Draw the geometric shapes cover the entire photo. It takes time and be patient.

7. Now it’s fun part, I use Eyedropper tool get the color from photo layer in a geometric shape then fill inside the shape on the working layer.

8. Change the stroke to be none.

9. After filling color, you can delete or hide the photo layer.

10. It's done!

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