What Is the Difference Between Web Design and Web Development

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Differences Between Web Designers & Developers

Sometimes people use the terms “web designer” and “web developer” interchangeably, but they actually have two different meanings. Web designers usually involve with the design and front-end of a website, while web developers work with back-end of a website. 

Web Design Processes

The front-end of the web covers two processes: the designing of a website and front-end development. The design can be developed by graphics program such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or Fireworks to reflect the look and feel. Also concerning about usability of a website to help users easily to navigate and want to return back. The front-end development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript combination to code all elements needed. These include things like images, font, color, buttons etc.

The back-end of a website covers two parts: a database and a server. Let’s say, if you use online banking, you usually interact with the front-end. Once you’ve entered your information, the website or web application stores it in a database which was created on a server. All information stays on the server so when you log back into the website your account information still there. A web developer uses server-side scripting languages such as ASP.NET, C or PHP to make this work.

A web designer is a graphic artist who styles elements on the web. He or she typically has a creative mind set, while a web developer usually thinks logically. Because of the difference mind sets, it’s hard to find a good web designer who is also good at back-end development. On the other hand, web developers probably find it hard time to create an appealing website.

When you’re looking for someone to develop your website or web application. The best way is hiring a web design company since you can get both on the designing and programming. We, Alaska Web Design, have web designers and developers to help you meet your goal on the next project.

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