5 Things Your Website is Missing

By Chanok - 9:36 PM

Chances are your business has a website. To increase visibility and reach more potential customers, make sure your website has these following key elements.

1. Contact information

It is general practice to include a page designated for your contact information. Company’s address, e-mail, map, and phone number should be easy to find on this page.

2. Call to action

A call to action or CTA is a banner or button helps users what to do next. They can be used for downloading a file, get contact information, request quote, or buy now. With effective call to action, you can urge users take action on your website.

3. Social media links

Social media provides the easy way to communicate with your customers and potentials. It becomes a way that people give recommendation to their friends and shares your content with people they connect to. When you add social media links to your site, it will help increase your like and followers.

4. Testimonials

After reading experiences with your products or services, potential customers will be more likely to move forward with your brand. The key to add testimonial is quality not quantity. If a customer gives too long testimonial, quote the parts that sound best.

5. SEO

A properly optimized site can expect increased traffic to your site. Write content that is relevant to your site or topic, and include keyword in the title. Get more info about Search Engine Optimization.

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