Key Elements of an effective website

By Chanok - 6:37 AM

Anyone who knows HTML and CSS can create a website. But designing a great one in order to accomplish desired actions and appealing to visitors, needs to have some specific elements.

Don’t make visitors think

Your website should be cleared about who you are, what you do, and how you can help your visitors. If visitors can’t tell what your website is about within seconds, they won’t stick around long.

Good visual design

People like first impressions, your visitors will too. Choose wisely for typography, layout, colors, and graphics. It should be consistent on all web pages.

  • Choose colors that suit and meaningful to your business
  • Choose appropriate font face and font size throughout your website, and try not to have more than three different fonts
  • Choose high quality of image or graphics
  • White space is a good friend to help make important elements stand out and uncluttered.

Easy Navigation

Navigation bar are the links that take visitors where they need to get more information. It usually locates on the top or the left side of web pages. The basic essentials like “About us”, “Services”, and “Contact” page should be easy to find out about you.

Call to action

The call to action is a set of words that urge your website visitors to take an action on your website. In order to direct them to next step, make sure use actionable words like “Free Trial”, “Buy Now”, or “Start Free Now.”

Meaningful content

Who is your target audience? What are they looking for from your website? What products or services can you offer? Most people surfing the internet because they are looking for something they need or get helped.
  • Try to provide helpful, knowledgeable information in your content
  • Keep your pages short and get right to the point
  • Write for your visitors/readers not for search engine. SEO is important to get traffic to website. But if you write too obviously towards search engines you will quickly lose readers.

Load fast

Don’t have your visitors wait for a page to load more than a few seconds because they are more likely to go over to your competition!

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