Login Design for Trans Maldivian Airways

By Chanok - 5:15 PM

Trans Maldivian Airways is a private airline based in Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. It operates floatplanes to resort islands in the Maldives. They have recently started using SMS Pro’s web-based aviation safety software. We would like to give them a new look to their login page to generate good will and because we like working with the crew over in the Maldives.

Screen shot of existing log in page.

First Design

First I grabbed a few images from their website and stored them on my computer. Their nice images made my work easier. After picked out the image for first design, I started to work with my favorite tool--Photoshop. I had the image blurred because I wanted the login form dominant, and then placed it below our logo. For the login form, I had white transparent background and changed the tone to be TMA’s logo color and placed it on top of the main image, then relocated all content as usual.

Screen shot of first design.

Second design

The second design, I did the opposite way with the first design. This one I used the original image without blurring it. However I cropped its size to fit my page. I had the login form and TMA’s logo located on the left side. I expanded username and password fields wide enough to make them jumped out of the stunning image background. Then use same tone of TMA’s blue color for login button. I left all content as it was in the first design. Lastly, I repositioned our logo and welcome message.

Screen shot of second design.

Each design had its own unique way to accomplish. I worked around the image since it was the center of attention. We will have TMA make decision on the login page new look.

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