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By Chanok - 3:21 PM

West Air Sweden is a cargo airline based in Gothenburg, Sweden. It operates scheduled and ad hoc freight charter services for FedEx, DHL, TNT and UPS. West Air has been using SMS Pro's Web-based aviation safety software since the end of 2013.

Screen shot of existing login page.

First Design

What I would like to change was login form style and color. First I added the grey background to style the form. I also wanted to add color and an element to emphasize it a little more. Then I thought if I have an icon it should work too. So I created the key symbol with illustrator and placed it next to the form title; it helped to gain more attraction. Next, I started to work on the font and size by having larger size for the elements I wanted to emphasize and rearranged their locations. Then added color to it, looked pretty good!

I decided to use the large picture to be background for both login form and content. Then I had login form on the right side of the page. For the content, I changed the font color to be white on the black-transparent background.

Screen shot of first design login page.

A second design

This design I changed the look of login form by having transparent background and font color to be white instead. Then I moved it to the center of the page. I still using the same image but framed its height shorter also added a black transparent layer on top of it. Next relocation the whole content below the image and adjust welcome message size.

Screen shot of second design login page.

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