Why does my Business Need a Website?

By Chanok - 11:54 PM

Should your business have a website even if your business is small? The size does not matter on the internet world. You may be a one-man show business owner or a big corporate company, if you don’t have a website; you’re losing business opportunity to others that they do.

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Reason No. 1 – Interactive brochure

By having a website you can save ton of money to create and distribute brochures. A website is an interactive brochure that your clients and potentials can browse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is much easier to update your website than having your print shop to update brochures. Modern websites are created on Content Management Systems such as DotNetNuke, WordPress or Drupal that you can update or upload content and images quickly.

Reason No.2 – More opportunity

More than 2.7 billion people use the internet every day. And more than 80% of those have purchased something with reasons like avoid trips to the store, shopping without salesperson pressure, and easier to compare prices. 

Reason No.3 – Customer service

You can have customer service right on your website by having an FAQ page. The potentials and clients can learn and get company information they want easily. Also FAQs are great place to answer any sales objections. Use a question and answer to explain why you offer more value products or services than your competitor’s.

Reason No.4 – Communication

Having a blog or even just have content on your home page to update your new products, promotions, events or anything you would want to inform your potential and clients.

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These are main reasons for you to have a website. But you should be aware of having a professional-looking one with well design of the ease of navigation, call to action, and all functions work as it supposed to be. Here's why?

NWDS Alaska Web Design

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