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By Chanok - 5:20 PM

Screenshot of existing design

One of requirements for airCreebec is I have to keep the content they have now on the existing login page. This is quite challenging task since I can’t use the large image, and I need to re-design all text to look more inviting to read.

First design

First of all, I’d like to break the whole line of text across the web page because it seemed too long to read. Then I grouped them up on one side of the page and had the rest on another side. I also concerned about the amount of characters on both sides so it looked balance that way. For the url address, I put it as a hyperlink under the word “clicking.”

Screenshot of first design

I replaced part of the logo with the image of their plane because I wanted the image stand out but still keeping the word “airCreebec.” I adjusted login form by increasing the font, adding some color, and repositioning a little. Added two lines to separate all text content from image and login form.

Second design

Screenshot of second design

After finishing the first design, I looked away from my computer screen and let my eyes fresh. I told myself I could make a little more change to get a better result.

I took away the USER LOGIN background then change color from white to dark grey. I reduced the width of login form but increased the height, and added the skinny box to the left side of USER LOGIN word. That helped its look more modern. Finally, I also increased the height of the image to match with the height of login form. I like it!

We will have the client look and make decision for their new login page. I’m already exciting to implement code for them.

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