Difference Between Static and Dynamic Web Sites

By Chanok - 3:13 PM

You may come across these terms when you’re serving the internet or by your web designer. It’s good to know the difference so you can choose the best solution for your website.

Static websites

A static website is created by tools like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Each web page is a separate document, that means the way to edit this kind of website is go into each page with knowledge of the code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript.) You would have to use a web page editor such as text editor or Dreamweaver, or pay web designer to update your website.

Dynamic websites

A dynamic website is created using more complex code like PHP or ASP with database driven. You would have a blog, search option, contact form and more. Many dynamic websites can be controlled by a content management system (CMS.) You can change the content through an admin panel which changes the source code in real time, no need to know HTML or other languages.

Many people prefer dynamic websites because they have a lot of benefits.

  • Dynamic sites easy to update
  • That helps to get better on search engine like google since you will always have fresh content on your website and google likes it
  • Rich of feature
  • You can enable and add new features easily in the future
  • It’s impossible to destroy the page layout
  • You always update content and images from admin panel when the source code store in separate files

More about content management system (CMS.)
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