How to choose colors that fit your brand

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Color increases brand recognition by 80%, and 85% of shoppers place color as a primary reason for why they buy a particular product, according to a infographic from KISSmetircs. It is essential to choose a color or a combination of colors for your brand.

Color meaning

  • Red – exciting, strong, energizing, fast

  • Orange – sociable, adventurous, affordable, warm, optimistic, cheerful

  • Yellow – happy, uplifting, creativity, challenging

  • Green – reliable, sympathetic, generous, adaptable

  • Turquoise – idealistic, creativity, compassionate, healing, self-sufficient

  • Blue – loyal, caring, reliable, conservative, idealistic, devoted

  • Indigo – responsible, obedient, sincere, structural

  • Purple – individual, creative, inventive, psychic, mysterious, fantastic

  • Magenta – loving, supportive, innovative, artistic

  • Pink – unconditional, understanding, warm, innocent, feminine

  • Gold – wealthy, luxurious, victorious, beautiful, attractive

  • Silver – modern, sleek, scientific, distinguished, calm, imaginative, feminine

  • Black – powerful, protective, comfortable, sophisticated, mysterious

  • White – innocent, pure, equal, simple, neat, open

  • Grey – intelligent, classic, mature, refined, conservative, neutral

  • Brown – practical, comfortable, reliable, friendly, humble, natural, organic

Source: Empower Yourself with Color Psychology

How to select your color

  • Choose a color that best describes your brand’s personality.
    Brand’s personality is like human’s personality. Choose colors that represent your brand’s personality; your brand is strong, sophisticated and mysterious; adventurous, optimistic and self-confident; or idealistic, creative and inspiring.
  • Know the impact of colors to consumers.
    The research shows colors have a significant impact on the logo and the brand.
    The study revealed that blue logos invoked feelings of confidence, success and reliability; green logos invoked perceptions of environmental friendliness, toughness, durability, masculinity and sustainability; purple logos invoked femininity, glamor and charm; pink logos gave the perception of youth, imagination and fashionable; yellow logos invoked perceptions of fun and modernity; and red logos brought feelings of expertise and self-assurance.
  • Consider cultural interpretations.
    For example, blue is the most preferred color across cultures. Red is the color of happiness and celebration in China, often seen red is being used in New Year or wedding. Black associates with death in Thailand.

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