3 Tips to improve your Website Ranking on Google’s Search

By Chanok - 8:17 PM

1. Valuable content

First and foremost is creating valuable content for your website. If people find your content useful, they may link to their websites or share to friends. It can help your website gains more traffic.

These lists should be part of your content:
  • Informative
    If you have office or store location; you should include hours of operation, location, and contact information to your web page particularly on the contact page.
  • High quality
    Be your customers’ resource for what they need. The more you create content that helps your prospects, the better succeed you are. If you include keywords on your page, make it sounds natural to read through.
  • Engaging
    Make your website appeals to your audiences with images; it can be your products, your team, or yourself.
  • More valuable and useful
    If you write about “Logo design with illustrator”, make sure your article provides more value or a different perspective than the others on the web.
  • Content update
    Regularly fresh content is one of the best influence for search rankings, so be sure to keep it fresh.

2. Content description on your site

  • Title tag
    Each web page contains the head tag that appears at the top, which is the information description for your page. So unique and descriptive titles tell your audiences and search engine what your page is about. Long titles can be confusing and may not fully display in search results.
  • Meta descriptions
    The meta description tells search engines what your site is about in search results. It is different from title tags that should be concise. You should write the meta description short and summarizes a page’s content, and can be filled with some keywords.
  • Images with “alt” attribute
    It’s important to have “alt” attribute of images on your site for both search engines and users. It is meant to be an alternative for non-visual or impair internet users. So the “alt” tag should be concise, clear and easy to read.

3. Follow Google guidelines

Don't deceive your users or present different content to search engines than you display to users. Avoid tricks to improve search engine rankings such as hidden text, hidden links, create multiple pages or domains with duplicate content. Instead make your website stand out from others in your field.

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