Medical Transport Service Contracts

By Chanok - 6:25 AM

Our Aviation SMS software has variety of modules to help users on their safety policies. We strongly believe that the aviation safety software product SMS PRO TM can provide many helpful tools for air ambulance and medical transport services to manage their aviation safety requirements.

For this project, I would like to share how I created the design. First of all, I searched for proper images for the design. After getting all images, I cropped the images to be circle shape with Adobe Illustrator. Most of the time, I use Photoshop to crop images but only use the square shape. Here are some steps to crop images with illustrator:

  • Open image with illustrator
    Anchorage Web Design
  • Draw rectangle or any shape you prefer around the area to be cropped
  • Change the stroke to be any color, change fill to be none to be able to see the image underneath
    Anchorage Website Design
  • Adjust the shape and size if needed
  • Select both layers (image and shape)
  • Go to object > clipping mask > make or ctrl+7
  • Save image as png file
Web Designer Anchorage
Now it needs to be cropped by Photoshop or other software tool, in order to get rid of space around the cropped image and save it.

I would like to deliver a message as a hospital is the hub of all events from different medical transport companies. So I put all images on the canvas and tie them with thin lines and arrows. And find out the appropriate font and color for it.
Anchorage Web Design for Medical Transport Service

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